One-bag plastic flowers

Use these easy flowers to decorate gifts. Each flower requires only one plastic grocery bag.

1. Cut the handles and bottom off bag

2. Push pleats out and flatten out tube

3. Cut side seams

4. Fold both layers of plastic in half

5. Cut along fold

6. Fold four layers of plastic in half lengthwise

7. Cut along fold

8. Fan-fold eight layers of plastic

9. Trim both ends of folded plastic

10. Bend a short length of floral wire over center of folded plastic and twist to secure

11. Expand “fan” on either side

12. Peel each layer of plastic toward center, alternating from one side to the other

13. Continue peeling layers until all layers are separated

14. Fluff layers as needed to complete flower

View the slideshow below for examples of finished plastic bag flowers.


  1. Jelliebean4260 says:

    I Think your Flowers are VERY CREATIVE and they ROCK (like the kids say).I am always looking for creative things to try . I help out with a Kids after School group and they love making crafts.I think this would be great for Skits the kids do .Also was thinking The High School kids are always looking for new Ideas for their art class…
    I Was even thinking this would be great for making decorating Cars or Truck or even Parade Float Flowers…
    Keep up the good work . I L-O-V-E your Creations…

  2. Val says:

    These flowers have endless use. U can make floral table arrangements, decorate cars for just married couples, make small flowers to decorate hats and purses, make flower pins, make lais, on and on. Plarn is a wonderful idea!

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