Q: What kind of bags are used to make plastic bag crafts?
A: Mostly what are considered traditonal plastic grocery bags. Besides grocery store chains, many bags come from other retail stores such as Target and Walmart and drug stores like CVS. Another common source of plastic bags are carry-out bags from restaurants.

Q: How many plastic bags does it take to make one reusable tote bag?
A: Approximately one hundred. The amount varies with the thickness of the source bags and the amount of strips cut from each bag.

Q: How long does it take to make a bag out of plastic bags?
A: It only takes a minute to fold and cut each plastic bag into strips then loop them end to end. Once enough plarn is made, it only takes about a week to crochet the plastic into something new and reusable.

Q: Will you start selling your plastic bag crafts?
A: Eventually. Because of the sheer volume of plastic bags needed to make one reusable bag, we are busy collecting enough source material just to make samples of innovative designs for future products.

Q: Did you invent plarn?
A: Absolutely not. The idea of making bags out of bags has been around for over a decade but has recently gained popularity because of awareness spread by the Internet.